Shane Murley

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Shane Murley is an American singer/songwriter born in Center Point, Texas. Music has always been a part of Shane’s life and runs in his family. Before having children, his mother was in a folk band playing guitar and singing harmonies, and Shane’s younger brother, Josh Murley, is also singer/songwriter/guitar player that was on Season Six of NBC’s The Voice.

Shane moved to Vermont in 2001 and quickly joined a band called The Huntington Project. The band wrote a few records’ worth of originals and put out an album in 2005. Later that year, Shane began four years of traveling, and along the way, he met musicians in San Francisco and formed a band that inspired him to pick up his guitar again. In 2009, Shane moved back to Vermont and began playing small clubs. He’s since gathered a group of very talented musicians – his current band is a six-piece featuring acoustic and electric guitar, violin, piano, mandolin, bass and drums. Their goal is to make an album during the next year while staying busy playing all over Vermont and the northeast.

I’ve worked with Shane on the following:

What Love Is

This Little World

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