Changing the Ending

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I’m very proud of this photo from the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Virginia, recognizing the service of my uncle, Edwin Treadwell, in WWII. It brings back memories of my uncle, my father, the men of that generation. And it reminds me again that Life isn’t fair.

At 18, I was chasing girls, drinking beer, and generally living it up at college – hardly a care in the world. The young men of my uncle’s generation were fighting and dying, trying to save the world from a madman.

It’s not my intention to glorify war. It’s awful, and I have no doubt many of those young men brought home wounds that couldn’t be seen and never healed. But this is where another saying comes to mind, “You can’t change the start, but you can change the ending.”

Many of those soldiers – my Uncle Edwin, my father, my Uncle Barney and too many others to mention – came back and found a way to turn that horror into something good, or at least find goodness in spite of those experiences. They lived productive lives, despite the horrors they experienced as young men.

If they can survive and overcome war, what can stop us? Life may not be fair, but we can change the ending.